Our attorneyship consultancy services regarding the companies existing and the companies planning to exist.

Our aim is to solve the problem that the companies that exist in Russia face and to prevent the future possible problems with those companies in Russia.

Everyone has an opinion about Russia. Here are the important points:

  • Russia is the world’s biggest country that uses Common Law system.
  • Russia is the biggest Supplier of the 17 countries that got separated after the USSR.
  • After the separation, Russia’s population had decreased to 150 millions.
  • Taking into consideration the other 17 countries, there are 250 millions of people on the area that speak the similar language.
  • The law system in the other 17 countries are similar with the law system of Russia therefore when Russia is contacted, the other 17 countries are easy to contact.
  • Russia has been involved in Customs Union with Kazakhstan and Belarus. In these 3 countries commercial codes and laws regarding business are similar.
  • According to Russian data the volume of two-sided commerce is $300 billions apart from energy. (Source: Dimitry Podshibyadin Rusya Fedarasyonu Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası Temsilcisi ve Sözcüsü olarak İstanbul Barosu Tahkim Komisyonu Görüşmesi 20 Ekim 2014 –https://tpprf.ru/en/structure/departments/ArbitrationandMediationCenter.php)

What do these facts tell us?

  • Russia is the supplier of the widest range of varieties of raw materials.
  • Russia uses the closest legal system to Turkey. (China and USA use different law systems because of different governmental systems from Turkey.)
  • Apart from the equipments and raw materials, Russia consumes more than it produces.
  • Because of producing petroleum products, its purchase power is more than it seems.
  • The population growth rate of Russia is 1.81% which is higher than European countries (source:CIA world factbook).

It is quick to get implications based on easily accessed information. Detailed working based on these implications are to be mentioned below.

We have structured our services to provide two understandings:

  1. Providing service for the people saying ‘’Russia is a commercial market’’ and wanting to invest in Russia.
  2. Our ‘’Russia Consultancy Services’’ regarding the people designing to invest in Russia, ‘’Russia Attorneyship Services’’ and ‘’Russia Retainer Services’’ regarding the existing companies in Russia.

Who may need those services are:

  • Individuals
  • Legal Entities
  • Institutions
  • Productors
  • Agents
  • Sellers

To sum up,  whoever has an idea of investing in Russia we are ready to inform them about the litigation regarding commerce and the law.

We have structured a ‘’Russian Law Partnership’’ for giving legal advice for the people who have ongoing lawsuits in Russia.

Our ‘’Detailed Law Partnership Agreement’’ is to provide international interaction between Russia and Turkey. Two teams that work for dispute resolution with using the same legal language.

For the individuals and entities looking for consultancy regardless of the sectors they are involved in we provide:

  • First-handed and the right information
  • Idealized structuring with fusing commerce with the law

Our consultancy services can be both for long term and short term.


First of all, why should there be attorneyship services in Russia? We want to provide you with our thought on why the need for attorneyship in Russia should be executed by a team of Turkish legal professionals?

There is only one mutual aspect of attorneyship services given to individuals and entities.

‘’There is distinction between Russian and Turkish legal systems.’’

Even if the cases are the same, there are ‘’distinctions in interpretation and application’’.

To cover up the distinctions, the details are to be followed up.

The distinction of Russia attorneyship services is based on the applications for individuals and legal entities. They should be evaluated separately.