Our law firm puts the rental law in a special position with following up the latest developments in litigation containing laws, circular notes, by-laws and directives.

Services on Rental Law

Rental law is regulated under the Law of Rent of Immovables and the Law of Obligations.

Currently, not only the immovables but the securities can also be rented. Renting activities based on contracts, rights and obligations under those contracts and terms of breach and losses are followed by our law firm.

Specific Issues Under Rental Law

Forming rental contracts

All the damages at the benefit of the landlord are regulated under the contract

Malicious acts and breach of contract issues are regulated in line with the legislation

Preservation of the securities and the immovables is provided under the contract

Claiming of losses and damages under the rental contract are pursued and criminal and judicial court cases are followed when necessary

Process management in the cases of release and restitution