Foreign exchange is the exchange of money or securities. It contains buying and selling of the money.

Bill of exchange is kind of securities that is used the most in the real life and contained within the law applicable for the securities. Bill of exchange that is issued in written form in line with legal order, contains a monetary claim and that is effective economically, is especially regulated inside the Turkish Commercial Code.

In foreign exchange regulations; the term foreign exchange, its types, cost and cancellation, notes of bono, check, voucher and in the aspect of warrant its requirements as to form, transfer, consequences of payment and non-payment are observed.

Our law and consultancy firm is equipped with technological base and programs to service the clients in the most effective and fastest way on issues as informing the debtor about the rights and obligations and collecting the debt. Services provided by our experts team are:

Because the foreign exchange bills form a debtor and creditor relationship, it possesses parties. Parties may be individuals or legal entities from the same country or an international relationship may be formed by those. All kind of securities that hold the property of having foreign parties are multilingually handled by our firm.

Dispute resolution and conciliation on issues related with Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 and Law of Checks numbered 6273

Executive proceeding

Regulating restitution conditions for checks and bills

Informing our clients about securities that are used in the commercial life

Consultancy on disputes and problems

Regulating the claim for compensation on a breach of a contract with monetary value

Court proceedings on illegal acts according to the law of Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency numbered 1567

This services are provided by our long term experienced team precisely.

Common properties of securities are counted below:

Common Properties of Foreign Exchange Bills and Securities(Bonos,Checks, Vouchers):

Legally payable to order, the creditor is apparent.

They comprise a claim.

The amount is written with both words and numbers on them.

They are formal contracts defined in the law.

A claim on a foreign exchange bill cannot be held without the bill.

Everyone with a sign on the bill is conjointly obliged to the bearer.

Debtors are independent from each other in paying.

They comprise payment of a debt. Form a relationship of debtor-creditor.

Creditor has the right to ask for the payment of debt.

They compriss an absolute debt.

Payable to order and to the bearer, it is honored in public belief.

They may be subject to attachment proceedings.

Legal claim on the bills, start with the billi not before.

Legal or judicial term of grant is valid.